Welcome to Maine Coon and Siberian Tales!



Hello!  This is a website about five male cats; two Maine Coons and three Siberians.  Their names are Phoenix Rohan, Gryphon Leroux, Nikolai Zinoviy, Aleksei Vasiliy, and Gabriel Gideon.  You can see photos of them if you click on the thumbnails above.  These five cats all live happily together, with their humans, in a big house in the country.  This website was created because the Mommy human is a website and multimedia developer with too much unused Web server space, so she decided to create this website (with the help of her young daughter) to put some of that Web server space to good use.  It is also a great way to spend some time with her daughter doing something they both like to do.

Each of the cats has his own section on Maine Coon and Siberian Tales.  You will also find many interesting poems and stories about our cats or cats in general on the other pages.  The links to the different sections are located in a menu that opens up when the three tiny, white, horizontal lines that you see on each page are clicked.  Clicking the orange title “Maine Coon & Siberian Tales” on the top of each page will bring you back home if you lose your way.  You can also use the links at the bottom of the pages to find your way around the website.

Feel free to explore Maine Coon and Siberian Tales.  We hope you enjoy our Maine Coons and Siberians as much as we do!


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