About Us

It all started back in 1997, when a little, fluffy stray kitten ran into our home and never looked back.  He had recently started living with his mother and sibling outside of our home in our recycle bin.  When his mother determined that he was old enough, she brought him to our front door each morning and made him sit on our sidewalk, looking adorable.  She then took his sibling away to watch him from a distance.  This went on for a few hours each day.  This adorable little kitten was sitting on my sidewalk, looking at me with his big, green eyes and silently pleading with me to just open the door and let him in.

I told myself that I couldn’t adopt a kitten since I had just bought the house and adopted a puppy a few months earlier.  It would be too much change, too much work to also adopt this kitten.  But the mother persisted with her daily routine of leaving him on my doorstep, looking adorable.  The kitten would sit there, silently, while I pondered whether he was really meant to live with us.  His mother certainly thought that he belonged in our home.

After over two weeks of watching this kitten sit on our doorstep each day, I opened the door a little bit just to see what he would do.  He ran into our home, right up to us, and started purring with a sparkle in his big, green eyes.  I knew right away that he would be staying.  His mother waited a while to make sure that he was really going to be allowed to stay in the house, then she took his sibling and walked away into the woods by our home.  Her male kitten had a family, her persistence had paid off.  She never came to our house again.

Our journey had begun.  We named that fluffy, adorable Siberian kitten “Tigger” and he lived with us until he died 18 years later, in June of 2015.  He was a wonderful friend and companion all those years and he will be greatly missed.  You can read stories about Tigger on the “Our Tales” page.

In October and November of 2014, we purchased two purebred Maine Coon kittens to keep Tigger company.  We named them “Phoenix Rohan” and “Gryphon Leroux”.  They have their own sections on Maine Coon & Siberian Tales and there are also stories about them in the “Our Tales” section.

In July and December of 2015, we purchased two purebred Siberian kittens and named them “Nikolai Zinoviy” and “Aleksei Vasiliy”.  They have their own sections on Maine Coon & Siberian Tales and there are stories about them in the “Our Tales” section.

In November of 2016, we were given another purebred Siberian kitten, which we named “Gabriel Gideon.”  He has his own section on Maine Coon & Siberian Tales and there are stories about him in the “Our Tales” section.

Feel free to explore Maine Coon and Siberian Tales.  We hope you enjoy our Maine Coons and Siberians as much as we do!


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