Aleksei Vasiliy

Maine Coon and Siberian Tales Golden Siberian Aleksei Vasiliy

CFA Premier Aleksei Vasiliy is a purebred male, Golden Classic Tabby Siberian cat.  His name is Russian and means “defender, helper” or “kingly, royal, regal.”  Aleksei was born in late September of 2015 and weighed 16 pounds at one year of age.  He has beautiful, long fur containing several different shades of brown, dark brown tabby markings, with golden and white accents throughout, black paw pads and fur between his toes, and a black-tipped tail like a raccoon.  Aleksei also has a chubby belly, long curvy whiskers, a fuzzy tail, a very loud purr, an adorable trill, and a tiny little meow.  

Aleksei spends a lot of his time exploring every inch of his forever home, over and over again.  We call him our “Energizer bunny” because he just keeps going… and going… and going.  We often find him walking on our fireplace mantle or climbing on high shelves.  He loves to play chase, run, and climb with his kitty brothers.  Aleksei’s favorite activity is to play fetch over and over until he is tired and panting from all of the running.  The red dot toy is also a lot of fun for him to chase.  Aleksei’s favorite toys are our daughter’s tub toys, cardboard boxes, paper wads, glittery balls, and kitchen towels that he pulls off of the rack.  He also thinks chewing on a straw is the best thing ever! 

Aleksei loves to snuggle and sit on everyone’s lap.  He does not care if it is a human or feline lap; he will sit on them all.  He thinks all of his new family members are his couches and will hop into a lap even before we fully sit down.  He loves to take naps with his family and will climb right on top of everyone (feline and human) to make himself comfortable for a nice, long rest. 

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For more information about the Siberian breed of cat, the Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association websites are excellent places to start.


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