Gabriel Gideon

Maine Coon and Siberian Tales

CFA Grand Champion Gabriel Gideon is a purebred male, Brown Mackerel Tabby Siberian cat.  His name is Hebrew and means “a hero of God” or “great warrior.”  Gabriel was born in August of 2016 and weighed 11.5 pounds at 8 months of age.  He was named after the angel Gabriel.  Gabriel has a very soft, thick brown coat with beautiful black tabby markings, large coppery-brown eyes, a fluffy ruff around his neck, fur between his toes, and a very fluffy, long black tail.  He has a very loud meow and likes to talk a lot.  He does also trill and chirp, but he prefers to meow rather loudly.  Gabriel loves to snuggle and cuddle with his humans and his kitty brothers.  If he could, he would spend all of his time cuddled up with his family.

Gabriel loves to play in water and will only drink from a running water source.  He climbs right into the sink and into his kitty water fountain to get a drink and splash in the water.  He will fetch anything we throw for him over and over until he is tired and panting from all of the running.  His favorite thing to chew on (besides our toes) is a straw, which he will also fetch if given the chance.  He is always trying to catch the red dot, but he also likes ribbons, feathers, and balls.  Gabriel has a great time playing with the alphabet magnets on our refrigerator.

Gabriel is always climbing and jumping because he likes to be as high up as possible at all times.  He can usually be found in the highest bed of our very tall cat towers, on top of our fireplace mantle, on the back of our piano, or on one of the high shelves of our bookshelf.  We affectionately call Gabriel our “Little Diablo” because he is very mischevious and is often getting himself into all sorts of kitten trouble while climbing and playing.

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For more information about the Siberian breed of cat, the Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association websites are excellent places to start.


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