Gryphon Goes Batty

(True Story)

Our kitten, Gryphon, has always enjoyed looking out of our windows for long periods of time.  A few months ago, every evening at dusk, he started sitting up very close to the wall underneath our window and staring up into the night sky as high as he could see.  It was such a weird position for Gryphon to be in that I thought he was going batty!  Was he looking at the dirt on the outside of the window?  Was he staring at the bugs outside?  What could he possibly see from that angle?  Was he really going batty?

All of a sudden, he jumped up and placed his front paws on the windowsill, while his eyes scanned the sky above.  Gryphon stood in that position, intently following something unseen, for a few moments and then he sat back down to resume his silent vigil of the night sky.  He sat there for a few more moments, and then he again suddenly jumped up and repeated the whole strange process.  Gryphon did this several times that evening, the entire time from dusk to full darkness.

After a few weeks of watching this peculiar process each evening at dusk, I began to wonder if Gryphon had fallen from his cat tower and suffered a blow to the head or if he had eaten something poisonous that would cause him to act this way.  I was beginning to worry about Gryphon’s overall health and mental stability, even though we had implemented all of the precautions to keep him healthy and safe.

One evening, I decided to join Gryphon, at dusk, in his place on the floor underneath the window.  I sat in the exact same position as Gryphon had been sitting to determine if I could see what he had been seeing these past few weeks.  We sat side by side, very close to the wall, and scanned the sky above through the window.  After a few moments, Gryphon jumped up and placed his paws on the windowsill, as he had done several times in the past.  Gryphon stood very still for a few seconds and then he began following something with his eyes and head.  I looked where Gryphon was looking and I finally saw it!  I finally knew what Gryphon had been doing every single evening at dusk!

There in the darkening night sky, high over our front yard, were two bats, flying around eating their evening meal of bugs.  Gryphon had been watching these two bats faithfully every evening when they came out to eat.  Gryphon had made some silent friends and he was visiting with them every evening, in the only way possible.  We had already named these two bats “Bertrand” and “Beatrice” several months before Gryphon had come to live with us because they were frequently eating bugs at dusk in our backyard.  However, it seemed that Bertrand and Beatrice had moved away from our house because they were not seen at all for a while.  That is, until Gryphon started watching them every evening.  It looks like they decided to come back and spend time with their new friend, Gryphon!  Welcome back Bertrand and Beatrice!  Gryphon loves to visit with his awesome bat friends!


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