Gryphon Leroux

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CFA Premier Gryphon Leroux is a purebred male, Red Classic Tabby Maine Coon cat.  His name is French and means “the red-haired one.” Gryphon was born in August of 2014 and weighed 17 pounds at two years of age.  He has beautiful copper eyes, awesome red tabby markings, fur between his toes, a very soft fur coat, and a very fluffy, long tail.  He makes very cool chirps and trills to communicate and his meow sounds like “mow” or “ma.”  Gryphon loves to hang out in baskets, kitty tents, kitty cubes, tubes, bins, and any other type of container.  He is very sweet, loving, and a great friend to his people; rubbing on their legs and purring all the time.

We call Gryphon our “little dreamer” since his favorite thing to do is stare out of the window for long periods of time.  In doing so, he has made friends with two bats that come out each evening to eat bugs in our yard.  He watches them fly around every night at dusk, without fail.  He is fascinated by his bat friends and is sure to be looking out of his favorite window when it is time for them to come out.

Gryphon will meet us at the door when we come home, follow us around the house, “help” us with our chores, and just hang out with his people.  Another of Gryphon’s favorite activities is to take selfies with his nose or his paws.  He doesn’t like to have his picture taken the usual way, but he cannot resist touching a camera or cell phone to take a selfie.

Gryphon uses his front paws to “storm the castle” on a daily basis.  He opens our closed bedroom doors to get into the room and be with his people, much to the delight of our young daughter.  He also uses his front paws to play with the magnets on our refrigerator.

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For more information about the Maine Coon breed of cat, the Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association websites are excellent places to start.


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