Gryphon Awards

Gryphon Leroux has been retired from showing at the age of one year.  He gets so stressed during the show prep and during the actual shows that his health may be at risk.  Gryphon earned the title of “Premier” (which is the equivalent of “Champion” in a fixed cat) before he retired.  Here are the awards that Gryphon has won at the few CFA shows that he attended:

As a kitten (in 2014), Gryphon won the following awards:

  • Second-Best Maine Coon Kitten
  • First Place in Class (several times)
  • Best of Color (several times)

At one year of age (in 2015), Gryphon won the following awards:

  • Best Maine Coon Premier
  • First Place in Class (a few times)
  • Best of Color (a few times)

Way to go Gryphon!!


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