Happy First Birthday to Me!

(True Story, Narrated by Phoenix)

Mommy says that today is my first birthday.  I am not really sure what that means, but I sure am having fun!  Mommy and Little Girl sang me a song in the morning.  It sounded cool so I listened to the whole thing.  Little Girl drew me a picture that she called a “birthday card.”  I gave it lots of good sniffs, which made Little Girl smile.  Mommy put the picture on the refrigerator, right in the middle, so I could see it.  Mommy asked me if I wanted a birthday hat, and I was not sure about that so I gave her my “Is it food?” look.  She said it was not food, so I gave her my “no thank you” look.

Little Girl and Mommy have been giving me lots of pet pets today, which is awesome!  I have also gotten several good belly rubs.  I am very happy!  We played with my favorite soft ribbon toys for a long time during kitty playtime.  I love my ribbon toys!  Little Girl, Mommy, and Daddy pretended to go fishing for me and Gryphon with the long ribbons on sticks.  They “caught” us a few times and everyone laughed.  It was really me and Gryphon catching the ribbons with our paws or teeth and lot letting go, but we did look like big fish on the end of fishing poles.

For my birthday treat, Mommy gave me and Gryphon each a little bit of tuna.  My favorite treat!  Mommy said she gave me more tuna since it is my birthday.  Way to go, Mommy!  Gryphon tried to eat my tuna, but Mommy kept him away from it.  Mommy and Little Girl also played fetch with me lots of times today.  Fetch is my favorite!  They even gave me a crisp, new paper wad to play fetch with!  I gave them one of my best trills to say “Thank you!”  I was so tired after all of the fetching that I had to take a long nap.

When it started getting dark, I sat with Mommy, Little Girl, and Gryphon and watched our bat friends fly around the front yard.  They flew really close to the window lots of times so we could see them.  At bedtime, Mommy asked me if I had a good birthday.  I am still not sure what a birthday is, but today was the best day ever!  Happy first birthday to me!


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