Nikolai Zinoviy

CFA Grand Premier Nikolai Zinoviy is a purebred male, Cameo (Red Silver) Mackerel Tabby Siberian cat.  His name is Russian and means “victorious” or “conqueror of the people.”  Nikolai was born in late April of 2015 and weighed 13 pounds at just over one year of age.  He has beautiful, long white fur with red tabby markings, a chubby belly, long curvy whiskers, a very fuzzy tail, a very loud purr, and a tiny little meow.  He also has quite an impressive, gorgeous ruff for such a young Siberian. 

 Nikolai’s favorite way to spend his time is sitting in front of an open window with the frigid Winter air blowing on him.  He will sit there for hours breathing in the icy air as the snow and wind swirl all around him.  Nikolai also likes to jump and climb and can usually be found on top of the piano or on the kitty tower looking out of the window.  When the bathroom tub is not wet, Nikolai will spend hours curled up in the tub sleeping behind the curtains.  Nikolai also likes to play ball with his kitty brothers Phoenix and Gryphon.  His favorite toys are light-up balls, glittery balls, soft balls, balls with bells inside, and every other type of ball.  He also loves it when he is given a brand new straw to chew on! 

Nikolai has just started giving his people loving headbutts.  He has almost learned to play fetch.  Nikolai races after the ball or toy, bats it around a bit, picks it up in his mouth, and drops it again where he is standing instead of returning to the person who threw the ball or toy.  His kitty brothers are continuing to teach him to fetch and it won’t be long until he has gotten the hang of it.  Nikolai’s newest fascination is with water.  He loves to play in our kitty drinking fountain and sticks his whole head under the running water at least once a day.  He will also climb right in our sinks to drink out of any running water faucet. 

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For more information about the Siberian breed of cat, the Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association websites are excellent places to start.


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