Our Journey Begins

(True Story) It all started back in 1997, when a little, fluffy stray kitten ran into our home and never looked back.  He had recently started living with his mother and sibling outside of our[…]

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More Tales Coming Soon!

(Notice) The Our Tales page is in the process of being converted to its new format.  Please check back soon for more fun stories and poems as we continue the conversion.  Thank you for your[…]

Gryphon Goes Batty

(True Story) Our kitten, Gryphon, has always enjoyed looking out of our windows for long periods of time.  A few months ago, every evening at dusk, he started sitting up very close to the wall[…]

How Kitten Got Her Claws

(Fiction Story) Long ago, Kitten was jealous of Dog because Dog had claws and she was not born with them.  One day, Kitten was walking in a rose patch.  She stepped on 18 thorns.  “Owww![…]

Storming the Castle

(True Story) Early one morning while I was getting a cup of coffee, I heard delighted laughter from our young daughter’s bedroom.  She was fast asleep with her door closed just a few moments before,[…]

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Kitty Playtime Fun

(Realistic Fiction Story) Phoenix: “All I want for Christmas is a paper wad… ten paper wads… a hundred paper wads…” Phoenix: “All I want for Christmas is a thousand paper wads… ten thousand paper wads…[…]

Happy First Birthday to Me!

(True Story, Narrated by Phoenix) Mommy says that today is my first birthday.  I am not really sure what that means, but I sure am having fun!  Mommy and Little Girl sang me a song[…]

Gryphon Leroux

(True Poem) Nice Little Gryphon Mow! Cute Little Gryphon Mow! Fluffy Little Gryphon Mow! Adorable Little Gryphon Mow! Sleepy Little Gryphon Purrrrrrrrrrr!   Home  |  About Us  |  Phoenix Rohan  |  Gryphon Leroux  |  Nikolai[…]

Phoenix Comes Home

(True Poem) Phoenix Rides Home Phoenix Purring As We Pet Him Sucking Like A Baby On Mother’s Fingers Sleeping On A Bumpy Road Sitting On My Lap On The Way Home   Home  |  About[…]

My Kittens Phoenix and Gryphon

(True Poem) Phoenix and Gryphon Soft, Fluffy Kittens Little and Cute Handsome and Lovely As Kittens Should Be The Sweetest Little Teddy Bears Around The Lovable, Sleepy Kittens Phoenix and Gryphon Meow!   Home  | […]

I Love Kittens

(True Story) I Love Kittens Kittens are my favorite animal!  I like kittens because they are so cuddly.  I also like kittens because they look so cute when they sleep. Kittens are so cuddly because[…]

When I Pet Tigger

(True Poem) Petting Tigger Tigger Lays Down I Stroke His Fur Tigger Starts Purring He Purrs Louder He Starts To Sleep I’m Still Petting He Goes To Sleep Good Night Tigger!   Home  |  About[…]