Phoenix Rohan

Maine Coon and Siberian Tales Phoenix Rohan

CFA Grand Premier Phoenix Rohan is a purebred male, Red Classic Tabby Maine Coon cat.  His name is Gaelic and means “red-haired” or “red.”  Phoenix was born in June of 2014 and weighed 22 pounds at two years of age.  Maine Coon cats are slow to mature, growing for up to five years, so Phoenix is going to be a very big boy!  We call Phoenix our “baby lion” because he is so large and he looks like a lion with his long ruff of fur around his neck.  Phoenix has huge paws, fabulous fur tufts on his ear tips, fur between his toes, a long, soft fur coat, and a very fluffy, long tail.  He makes awesome chirps and trills to communicate and he rarely ever meows.  Phoenix loves water and plays in his water bowl and his kitty water fountain several times a day.

Phoenix has a very playful personality and loves to play fetch with small balls or paper wads.  He carries toys around in his mouth and makes sure to get enough toys out of the toy basket for everyone to play with.  He will meet us at the door when we come home, follow us around the house, “help” us with our chores, and just hang out with his people.   One of his favorite things to do is to lie down on his back for a good belly rub.  He is very affectionate and will climb on our lap to take a nap, purring contentedly until he falls asleep.  A 22-pound, massive Maine Coon cat curled up and sleeping peacefully on a person’s lap is quite the sight to see!

Phoenix uses his front paws to open cupboard doors and to “storm the castle.”  He opens our closed bedroom doors to get into the room and be with his people, much to the delight of our young daughter.  He also likes to play soccer using his paws and his small toys and uses his front paws like hands to pick up toys and other small objects.  Phoenix also has to join in every time our young daughter is playing with her barbies and her barbie house.  He just loves to play barbies!

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For more information about the Maine Coon breed of cat, the Cat Fanciers’ Association and The International Cat Association websites are excellent places to start.


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