Storming the Castle

(True Story)

Early one morning while I was getting a cup of coffee, I heard delighted laughter from our young daughter’s bedroom.  She was fast asleep with her door closed just a few moments before, so I put down my coffee to go investigate.  Almost immediately, I heard a beautiful kitten trill and a happy voice saying “Phoenix!”  I walked down the hallway to find the bedroom door open and our kitten Phoenix sitting happily on our daughter’s bed, nuzzling her face.  Our daughter had a huge smile on her face because Phoenix was in her room on her bed, and that was normally not allowed.  After a few moments, our other kitten, Gryphon, hesitantly approached the bedroom doorway to survey the scene.  Gryphon must have decided that it was okay to enter, since Phoenix was already in the room, so he trotted into the bedroom to join the fun.  After this, I cleared the kittens out of the bedroom and closed the door once more.  My daughter got up for the day since she was already awake and in a great mood from being awoken by Phoenix.

Up until that morning, we had no idea that our kittens would be able to open closed doors.  They use their huge front paws and massive size to push on the door while they stand on their back paws.  If the door is especially tricky, they fiddle with the doorknob while they are pushing on the door and standing on their back paws.  It has been said that Maine Coons have the intelligence of a three-year-old child.  It certainly seems to be true since none of the people in our house showed them how to open doors and they can open, without assistance, almost all of the doors and cupboards in our house.  We call this “storming the castle” and it now happens almost every day.  The kittens love to storm the castle and the people love to see the happiness and joy that it produces.


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